Working Offline with Dodeca – Dodeca Does It!

Did you know you could work offline with a Dodeca application to update your Essbase data?

You can.

You can export an excel file, send it to someone for updates, then import that file back into Dodeca and then update your data from the file.  This comes in handy if someone who does not have access to Dodeca, or even access to Essbase.

Yes, it is true that people have been sending data to Essbase from Excel spreadsheets for as long as Essbase has been around.  But this does add another layer of flexibility and convenience to your applications.

You can even update your relational data using this method.  Dodeca provides read/write access to your relational sources as well as Essbase.  There are many Dodeca applications that access and update Essbase data AND relational data in a single View.

Would you like to have the ability to send a spreadsheet to a remote user who does not have access to either Essbase or to your relational data, and have them make updates to both Essbase and your SQL data?

You can with Dodeca.  This is just another in a long list of reasons why we say Dodeca Does It!

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